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Asset Store: Simple Touch Controller

I’ve published a new asset for Unity that you can to download for free!

This asset is a simple touch controller for your project.

It uses the Unity default ScrollRect component, that means this script works in all the versions of Unity where the UI ScroolRect component is supported. It’s possible to change and customize the area of the touches using the easy RectTransform parameters.

It works on mobiles and touch-screens, wherever the proprieties of the Unity ScrollRect work.


I decided to share this script to help people completing their prototypes and demo quicker. Even if I find this method quite useful, it may not work in every requirement, but still, It’s so basic that can be updated and improved.

PLEASE if you download this asset, leave me a comment with your opinion about it, I can carry on improving with more features and controllers.

I’ve included in the package two scene examples:

  • In the first I use the script without showing the joysticks, just left side of the screen to move and the right side of the screen to look around.
  • In the second I use the script with a left and right joysticks.

You can check it out on the store.

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