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Blender Compositing and Post Processing – Review

Blender Compositing and Post ProcessingI used to work with Blender a few years ago for modelling and rendering;
since then Blender has always been the best free 3D software available on the market. I’m really interested in following its improvements year by year so I’ve been really happy when I’ve been given the chance to read and review this book.

Speaking of the strengths, I’d definitely mention the structure of this book, as the chapters are brief and the tone is straightforward. Also very good is the organisation of the index, you can easily find what you’re looking for and making it simple and quick to consult in any moment.

There are many detailed pictures, screenshots and compositing samples that help to understand how to use the tools and the results you can get following that particular step.

On the down side, I wouldn’t recommend this book If you are brand new to Blender as it focuses on compositing the final render of your project; so if you’re not already familiar with this software I’d say that it could prove to be a bit hard to implement the compositing technique and make full use of the guidelines.

Overall I enjoyed going through this book as it allowed me to quickly pick up the Blender’s compositing fundamentals and get a complete overview of this free software’s potential.

An overview of the book here

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