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My Auras

Aurasma Look for the Aurasma’s logo and watch My Auras!

If you want to watch my 3D works for Aurasma, download the free application “Aurasma” on your device.

The app currently works on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and on the most powerful Android devices.

Step 1:

Start Aurasma, select the icon at the top-left of the screen, go to the Search section and type “daniel”, subscribe to Daniel4D’s Channel:

Select the simbol

Select it

iPad subscription


Android subscription


Step 2:

Wait until the Auras are loaded in My Auras list:

iPad My Auras list

My Auras list

Subscribed list

Subscribed list

If the Auras don’t appear in the list:
– wait a few minutes or restart Aurasma once
– check your internet connection
– still problems drop me a line

Step 3:

Once is loaded watch the image associated through the Aurasma’s camera:

Enjoy the Augmented Reality


My Aura: Clock


Step 4: Don’t forget to rate me!

While you are watching the games you can rate the Aura clicking the symbol of star in the corner on your screen.

Rate me!

Rate me

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