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My Aurasma

Aurasma Look for the Aurasma’s logo and watch My Auras!

If you want to watch my 3D work for Aurasma, download the free application on your iPad, iPhone or Android Phone.

Currently the 3D engine for Android is available only on some devices.

Here is an example of my Aura:

QR Code for Aurasma: Clock

QR Code

My Aura: Clock


How to watch the Aura:

After downloading the application, follow these steps to set up your mobile and enjoy the Augmented Reality:

Step 1:

Scan the QR Code with your favorite application and open the link in Aurasma:

Scan my QR Code

Scan QR Code

Open the link

Open the link

Choose Aurasma

Choose Aurasma

Step 2:

Wait a few seconds until the Aura is loaded in your list:

Aurasma is loading


List of your Auras

List of your Auras

Step 3:

Once is loaded watch the image associated through the Aurasma’s camera:

Enjoy the Augmented Reality


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