Daniele Olivieri

3D Digital Artist & Unity Developer

About me

Hi I’m Daniele Olivieri!

I was a programmer/web developer in Italy for about ten years, the CG and 3D Modelling were only a hobby. In my free time, I made simple visual effects and film clips with my friends and I enjoyed it a lot. I felt that it was my destiny to work in Computer Graphics, but I couldn’t spend as much time on it as I would have liked.

In 2009, finally, I decided to change my life to follow my passion.

I moved to London to improve my English and learn as much as possible about 3D. After an English course at Frances King School and a course about Maya in Escape Studios, I started to work as 3D Digital Artist and Unity 3D Developer.

Currently, I’m working for OMS and freelancing as 3D Unity Developer, feel free to contact me.

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