Daniele Olivieri

3D Digital Artist & Unity Developer

Personal Projects

House arena

House Arena is a multiplayer party game where unique cartoony appliances fight for survival in their own environment!
Available for mobiles, Windows and macOS.
Download it now!

Marble Collection

An addicting journey down through obstacles and fun traps! Collect coins to unlock and customize your own unique Marble! Slide down the levels as far as you can and get the best score in the world!
Download it now on Google Play or App Store.

Way Out VR (Virtual Reality)

Inspired by Portal I created this “first person/puzzle game” with the purpose to test the Google Cardboard plug-in for Unity. I’m quite proud of this project and the feedback I have received has been really positive! I developed a version for the VR Pico device.
Download it now on Google Play.

Hungry Pixel

If you are looking for an old school game, without advanced special effects but only genuine fun, this is the game for you!
Download it now on Google Play or the App Store.

Speedy Wheel – Concept

The first 3D Racing Game with just one Wheel! My idea was to build a series of tracks without gravity rules! The game is now just a concept.
Download it now on Google Play.

AR Portfolio (Augmented Reality)

Thanks to the plugin Vuforia for Unity, I was able to develop this app and now I can show some of my 3D models in AR.

Download it now on Google Play.

Makura – Concept

This is my first demo game with the aim to improve my skills in Unity. I developed it and my friend AJ modelled the main character and drew the UI.

Download it now on Google Play.

Immersive Mode for Android – Plugin

The app demonstrates how to enable and disable the Immersive Mode screen in Unity3D 4. This will allow you to show your game in full screen!!!
Download it now on Google Play.

Sharing Content for Android – Plug-in

The app demonstrates how to share content in Unity. This will enable you to take a screenshot and share it through an external app of your choice.
Download it now on Google Play.

Download Curriculum Vitae

Download Curriculum Vitae

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