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Makura (concept game)

Makura on Google PlayMakura is a 3D game for Android; I started to build this game in order to improve my developing skills in Unity3D and bring my idea to reality.

The game is not longer in development.

Many thanks to my friends that helped me a lot:

AJ, Concept Artist;

Gyan, 3D Modeller

AJ’s concepts and works

AJ 3D Makura Render

Old concepts

The Game

Ride Makura and help our trainee forest shepherd. He is in charge of keeping the forest lamp lit, if the lamp goes out the darkness / evil will escape and take over.

Keep the balance between the light and the dark. Find gadgets to improve the abilities of our trainee forest shepherd to defeat more and more creatures that will try to slow you down.

Tech stuff

The GUI textures of the game are optimized for a resolution of 1280×800, but it resizes for every screen.

The environment is randomly generated and repeated, to make it looks every time different, even if is a loop of meshes.



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