Daniele Olivieri

3D Digital Artist & Unity Developer

Speedy Wheel

The first 3D Racing Game with just one Wheel!

Speedy Wheel will take you through floating race tracks and teleport gates, all set in a futuristic environment where you can break the laws of physics!

Reach new longer distances and drive your Wheel up to astonishing velocity!!!

Find gadgets and secret spots that will help you to survive longer.

The game is not completed yet as I’m developing it only in my free time. There could be errors or bugs and some of the rules are still temporary, while the environment is under development.

I’m happy that my game has been featured in the “Top Underrated Racing Games To Play” article:


Download it right now!!

How to Play:

– Touch the left side of the screen to accelerate and slide to steer (advanced control is available)

– Tilt option available

– Landscape or Portrait mode available even during the game

Game Features:

– An endless race to avoid obstacles and enemies

– Increase your level of experience along with your speed

– Find gadgets to survive longer

– Capture screenshots and share them

– Connect to Google Play, earn Achievements and climb the Leaderboards!

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