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Gazelli Art House – VR Gallery

Gazelli Art House commissioned me to create a VR Gallery with a list of the VR Artworks they exhibited in the past, where the viewer can select and experience any of them.

The VR Gallery is dynamically populated with a list of Artworks in a JSON file, so that we can easily add or remove Artworks in the future.
The application can support 360 videos and VR App.
The Artworks will be shown as a portrait with a specific preview, as you can see from the image. The VR Gallery is meant to run on Oculus Rift and Vive.

Quote from their blog:
“The VR Library, a permanent space that will be open to the public at all time and allow visitors to explore a curated selection of interactive installations from both established artists and new talent, will expand and grow organically over time to include additional artworks from Gazelli.io residents and Gazelli‚Äôs previously exhibited artists.”

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