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Unity 3D: first test

It’s been a while that I started studying Unity 3D, today I’ve done my first test uploading it on my tablet, below you can see a screenshot of the “game”. It’s just a rough idea of what I have in mind.

With my experience in creating assets for mobiles (gained working for Aurasma), my knowledge of developing and little bit of creativity I’ll try to make a nice enjoyable game for android.

A big thank you to AJ and Gyan that agreed to help me in this project, modelling characters and environment, AJ is already drawing the concept for the main character.


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  1. tribio 18 April 2017 — Post Author

    Hi Bill,
    I don’t think so, man!

  2. Bill Walker 18 April 2017

    Please, could you let me know if an Unity IDE exists for Android or iOS? If so, could you let me know where to find it?

    Thank you so much,
    Bill W.

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