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Way Out VR is available!

Today I completed my first Virtual Reality game for mobiles:

Way Out VR!

The game is inspired by Portal, and I developed it with the only purpose to test the Google Cardboard plugin for Unity.

To play this game you need a Google Cardboard or a similar headset and bluetooth controller.

Solve simple puzzles to find the Way Out through all the rooms, grab and move boxes around with the help of your laser.

Download it right now!!

Dowanlod it on Itch.io

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  1. tribio 8 February 2016 — Post Author

    Hi Darrell,
    I think you are in the last room… try to grab the wall instead 😉

  2. Darrell 7 February 2016

    This game is fun but I’m stuck on the first one! Care to give any clues? I’m right atvthe part where yoy use the boxes to open those two walls, but that next section has no clues how to open it….help!


  3. Gilad872 15 August 2015

    This is work with xbox controller??

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