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Wreck It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph is the nine-feet-tall, 643-pound villain of the arcade video game Fix-It Felix Jr., in which the game’s titular hero fixes buildings that Ralph destroys.

For 30 years, Ralph has been doing the same job over and over and has become tired of being the bad guy.

Wanting to prove he can be a good guy and not just a villain, Ralph escapes his game through the power cord and lands in Hero’s Duty, a first-person shooter where he helps the game’s hero, Sergeant Calhoun, battle against “Cy-Bugs”, the game’s alien invaders. He later enters Sugar Rush, a kart racing game set on tracks made of candies, cookies and other sweets. There, Ralph meets Vanellope von Schweetz, one of the game’s characters, who has learned that her game is faced with a dire threat that could affect the entire arcade, and one that Ralph may have inadvertently started.

John Lasseter, the head of Walt Disney Animation Studios and executive producer of the film, describes Wreck-It Ralph as “an 8-bit video game bad guy who travels the length of the arcade to prove that he’s a good guy”. In a manner similar to Disney’s 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Wreck-It Ralph will feature cameo appearances by a number of licensed video game characters. For example, one scene from the film’s first theatrical trailer shows Ralph attending a support group for the arcade’s various villain characters, including Clyde the orange ghost from Pac-Man, Doctor Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog and Bowser from Super Mario Bros.

First scheduled for release on March 22, 2013, it was later changed to November 2, 2012.

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