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3D Optical Diaphragm, Camera Shutter

I sell this camera shutter on Tusrbosquid.com

While I was modelling the robot arm I wanted to make a good robot eye with a shutter effect, so I decided to make one separately as I can use it everywhere I want.


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  1. tribio 15 May 2015 — Post Author

    @Tim Brennan
    Hi Tim,
    Yes, they are modelled slightly angled. It took a bit to complete it, but following some blueprints I worked out how to make them rotate correctly.

  2. Tim Brennan 15 May 2015

    Hi, how did you get the blades to overlap correctly? Is each one angled slightly?

  3. tribio 11 July 2014 — Post Author

    hi Marc, actually it’s easy, find any blueprint as reference online and build it in 3D 😉
    have a look here

  4. marc 10 July 2014


    could i trouble you as to ask how you manage to make the shutter lol, i am also building a robot and would appreciate the help.

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