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3D Old Clock

I’ve modelled and animated this clock for Aurasma, but at the beginning it was too heavy for our game engine!  Too many cogs to move!!!

But now you can watch it on aurasma:

Subscribe to my channel to watch the animation in augmented reality:

Aurasma Logo
My Aura: Clock


If you don’t have Aurasma, watch here:

Here some screenshot from my Android and from Maya:


Clocky 360 video

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  1. Mike 12 March 2012

    Thanks so much for your infos, and again great work!

  2. tribio 9 March 2012 — Post Author

    there is “not limit” of the size, even if bigger it is the size more time it takes to download it, the limit is the number of tris/joints/number of meshes/the complexity of the animation!
    The file is the collada (.dae).
    I’m working for Aurasma, I modelled it for them.
    I’m not sure that everyone can upload stuff… if you are interested to upload your own 3d stuff try to ask to the support team here:


    the email is partner@aurasma.com


  3. Mike 9 March 2012

    Really cool animation!
    If you don t mind I have couple questions,
    What is the limit of size for 3d file (fbx format?)? and how do you import it in aurasma?

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