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OBJs Exporter 2.0.2 – Maya script

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It’s a Python script, which exports selected geometry from Autodesk-Maya in .obj file format. The ObjExport plugin will be loaded if necessary. It can export multiple objects at once, in the current frame or in sequence (animation) with frame padding. Supports polygons, NURBS and subdivision surfaces, all of them will be exported as polygons. There are options as to rename the exported objects or keep the name from the scene (default). You can keep the original geometry (nurbs, subdiv) in your scene or override it with the exported polygons. You can export mutliple ogjects as one mesh. You can export the geometry triangulated for RealFlow use in fluids and dynamics simulations. You can export sequences in their own directory (created automatically), named after the object. Also you can choose the obj file type options (groups, point groups, materials, smoothing, normals).


Copy the objsExporter_v2.pyc file to: C:/Users/username/Documents/maya/2011/scripts

(This way it will source the script every time maya starts.)

Start Maya and from the script editor run the following lines:

import objsExporter_v2


Run the script.

Select the object(s) you want export, DO NOT select the top group node.

Set a name(optional), choose frame range and additional options.

Set the path where you want to save them.


OBJs Exporter 2.0.2


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