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Rigging leg – Switch FK-IK

The rig for a human leg, and switch IK and FK using two different rigs.

For the foot there is also a reverse foot control.

I made this rig following the digital-tutors tutorials and reading “Body Language: Advanced 3D Character Rigging”.

If you download it, a feedback is welcome, thanks! 🙂

Rig Leg - Maya 2011


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  1. tribio 13 September 2012 — Post Author

    Thank you!

    No, I don’t.
    I don’t really like cinema 4D for modelling and rigging… sorry 🙂

  2. marco 13 September 2012


    great job.
    Do you use also cinema 4d?


  3. tribio 13 May 2012 — Post Author

    Thanks! I’ve blended a couple of kind of rigs for the legs together 🙂

  4. Hoang Huynh 12 May 2012

    Incredible build! Would like to learn how you’ve build it.

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