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V-Ray Vs Mental-Ray – Maya 2011

I rendered the same scene using mental-ray and v-ray:

for each scene I applied different materials and lights, using the standard shaders (VRayMtl and mia_material_x) keeping the default options and changing just the necessary to render refraction, caustic and shadows.

My computer is a Dell Studio Xps 13, Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 (2,40 Ghz, 1.066 MHz, 3 MB),  SDRAM DDR3, 4MB, with Windows Seven.

V-Ray Render


Shaders: VRayMtl

Render time: 5:22 sec

Mental-Ray Render


Shaders: mia_material_x

Render time: 1:12 sec

I prefer the V-Ray render, the quality of the refractions and caustics is much better, but the render time increases a lot!

V-Ray Vs Mental-Ray


Feel free to change attributes and try new renders. If you download it, feedback is welcome, thanks! 🙂

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